Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – The Random Edition!

stopwatch graphicNovember is in full swing. Some of us are deep in the 1st week of NaNo excitement, others are searching out good deals on turkeys and whatnot for Thanksgiving which is just a few short weeks away.

I’m working on my NaNo word count for the day, hoping to keep my winning streak alive. What better way to kick off a writing session (and increase your word count) than with some Writing Sprints.

Since it’s been so successful in the past, let’s stretch our creativity with a few minutes of one of my favourites: Random Word Improv. (Check the posts here and here if you want to see some of the previous efforts)   Last week’s words inspired some rather vivid responses, as would be expected from a word list that included “dismember” and “crimson.” We’ll have to see what kind of theme this week’s words inspire.

As a reminder, here’s how to play:

  1. Pick three words from the list of random words below (more if you’re feeling creative)
  2. Write the first line(s) of a story incorporating your words
  3. Post your results in the comments section.
  4. If you’re doing NaNo, bonus points for using the words in something you can include in your story

Here’s a list of random words from a randomly selected random word generator:

flirtation              muscleman        cosmic                  eyes

hump                    confidence          fiend                     hibernation

hex                         impostor               flammable          crypt

feather                 rebel                       cattle                     perverted

arrows                  horseradish       beach                    twisted

Ready? Go!

*whistling aimlessly while you are off being creative*

Ah, you’re back. Kind of fun, right? Can’t wait to see what you have come up with.

Now that you’re all warmed up, time to start sprinting.

As a reminder, the goal is to flex your writing skills and to jump start your creativity. It’s all about getting words on the page, not getting the perfect words on the page, so pull out that pen/paper, computer, or whatever your writing implements of choice are, and Write.

  1. Set a time period (i.e., 15 minutes)
  2. Write
  3. When you’re done, note your progress in the comments  (i.e., “15 minutes and 394 words”)
  4. Rinse and repeat

I hope to see some fun creative efforts and good word counts in the comments to motivate my own efforts.

Happy writing to all.

14 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – The Random Edition!

  1. Ooh, fun list! Not as gory as last week, but action-packed. I’ll be playing with this around supper time, so see you later – and good luck to all you NaNo-ers.

  2. Muscleman, Hex, Impostor and Rebel. Hotter than horseradish, the Twisted Arrows flew, fought and partied in close formation. The flammable combination of unshakeable confidence, broad shoulders in a battered flight jacket, and sharp eyes behind mirrored lenses was enough to bring any woman’s hormones out of hibernation. Poured into skimpy dresses, the girls squashed like cattle into the dingy crypt that passed for a cocktail lounge, hoping against hope for a light flirtation, a walk on the beach, or if their luck was in, even something a little more perverted.

    • Great effort Jilly. I love the image the first line paints. Very fitting since I just saw the Blue Angels fly here a few weeks ago. Talk about close formations.

  3. “What kind of twisted, perverted creep sneaks down into the cryo-hibernation crypts and molests one of the patients?”, shouted Caitlyn. Steven flinched. It had been his job to keep his eyes on the security screen, and instead he’d been daydreaming about his upcoming week on the virtual beach, courtesy of the ship’s new holodeck. He suspected that instead he would be humping canisters of alphazyne across the shuttle bay as punishment, and that the only rays he’d be catching would be cosmic.

    cosmic hump hibernation crypt perverted beach twisted

  4. The German muscleman was just impossible. He’d come up to my studio a mere 30 minutes before the light was fading, reeking of beer and horseradish. I hurried to set up my cameras while he stripped down and oiled his muscles. I had to blush a bit at the way his tights brought out the ripples and shadows of his muscular thighs. In a suit, he was a bit dumpy and cloddish. But now, he looked a bit like a Greek god with a handlebar mustache. I took a few plates before the light failed.

    “Take some with de flash lamp,” he barked at me. “I came for de flash. It will bring out de muscles.” I obliged. But between the flashes as our eyes recovered to the dimming light of room, his tattoos seemed to twist and turn across his body, writhing in the twilight.

    (I think I got three words; I know I ignored the other rules. (-: It just came to me; a muscleman getting cabinet cards taken in Bunny’s studio. I have no idea what the tattoos portend.)

      • A Greek god with a handlebar mustache, reeking of beer and horseradish? Love it. I can *so* picture his cabinet cards. I want to know more about the mysterious tattoos though – if you figure them out, please post an update!

        • LOL, you just never know when these things are going to pop up again. I will say, though, that mysterious tattoos and mysterious. I don’t think I could ever get one (too fickle — I’d prefer drawing on myself with markers), but they can be quite beautiful pieces of art. I think my German muscleman got them in Japan, perhaps by a kitsune or tanuki artist who either cursed or blessed them. He gets drunk to keep the tattoos under control. He eats horseradish because he likes it (German, you know).

          (-: Damn, gotta get off this side street and back to the main book.

    • Wonderful, Michaeline. Don’t worry about ignoring the rules, they are only there to trigger your writing and you did just fine. I loved “I came for de flash. It will bring out de muscles.” – I could just hear him saying that.

      • I bet you are channeling Arnold Scharzenegger! I didn’t have him in mind, exactly, but the voice works (-:. Physically, he’s more like Eugen Sandow, who is captured in black and white on Edison films (on YouTube).

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