Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints, now with Pickup Lines!

stopwatch graphicReally? It’s Friday already? That doesn’t seem possible. I’d have guessed Wednesday at the latest, especially considering how many things remain on my “To Do” list for this week. Obviously, I need something to get me into a Friday-state-of mind.

Sounds like a job for Writing Sprints.

But first, let’s stretch our creativity with a few minutes of Pickup Line Improv.

Stories (especially romance stories) often feature a “meet cute” where the hero and heroine first encounter each other.  Sometimes, like the story I just read, that encounter happens in a bar or at a party. It may start with a simple “may I buy you a drink” or something more complicated like Tony’s “chaos theory line” in Jenny Crusie’s Bet Me. Your task is to come up with some creative pick-up lines – either something that the characters in your current WIP might use or just some general purpose pickup lines. For extra credit, set the scene where the encounter happens and include how the recipient responds to the line.

I’ll post my own effort later today, but now it’s your turn.

  1. Think of a pickup line
  2. Show it in action
  3. Post your results in the comments section.

Ready? Go!

*whistling aimlessly while you are off being creative*

Ah, you’re back. Kind of fun, right? Can’t wait to see what you have come up with.

Now that you’re all warmed up, time to start sprinting.

As a reminder, the goal is to flex your writing skills and to jump start your creativity. It’s all about getting words on the page, not getting the perfect words on the page, so pull out that pen/paper, computer, or whatever your writing implements of choice are, and Write.

  1. Set a time period (i.e., 15 minutes)
  2. Write
  3. When you’re done, note your progress in the comments  (i.e., “15 minutes and 394 words”)
  4. Rinse and repeat

I hope to see some fun creative efforts and good word counts in the comments to motivate my own efforts.

Happy writing to all.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints, now with Pickup Lines!

  1. It’s been a day and a half today, and my brain is fried. Cam could charm the birds out of the trees, but he won’t be doing it tonight 😉 .

    You reminded me of a true story I always swore I’d recycle in a book. Years ago I was overseas at a conference. We had a full day of work followed by a long evening of sightseeing, and one of my friends, who had a sore back, said she planned to book in for a massage the following day. When she got to her room, around midnight, she was phoned by one of the Big Shots, who offered to come round and provide free massage services immediately. (Yes, way. And for bonus points, Big Shot’s very nice wife had been with our party until a couple of days before. She left when the conference started). The rest of the convo went:
    Friend: “Ah. Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.”
    Big Shot: “What? You’re making a big mistake here.”
    Friend: “We’re both married. I like your wife. I don’t think so.”
    Big Shot (impatiently): “Look, I’m not proposing to spend the rest of my life with you…”

    I nearly spat my coffee when she told us over breakfast. He must have used that line before, don’t you think? Hard to imagine he’d found success with it, but maybe he did?

  2. Jillly,it is hard to imagine that he had success with that line but you never know what people will do on business trips. I.was on one trip at the first job I worked after college and we all went out to dinner after a day of meetings. The guy sitting next to me kept putting his hand on my leg despite my asking him to stop. I was so annoyed that at one point I stabbed him in the hand with a fork. As we were all leaving the table after dinner, he leaned in and said “I don’t suppose I could convince you to come up to my room?” Fortunately for him, all the utensils had been cleared from the table at that point. I have to wonder whether he had any more success with that line than the Big Sot above did.

    • Lucky for him the table had been cleared, or there could have been a Cranky Agnes moment 😉 . You should definitely use that some time. And maybe we need another post on ‘dear lord, surely not?’ pick-up lines.

      • Jilly – I did draw up on this incident in my recent historical, when the heroine “accidentally” shoots (bow-and-arrow) the host of a house party in the thigh when he was getting a little handsy with her.

        I agree about the “dear lord, surely not” pick up lines post. I’ll put that on my list for a future Friday.

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