Michille: Write (dangit). Just Write

typewriter-004I recently broke down a barrier to my writing that helps me get words on the page. The barrier was related to all the learning about the craft of writing and what makes good fiction (good scenes, characters, conflict, bodies in motion, character arc, plot arc, etc.). And facing NaNoWriMO. I felt like I couldn’t sit down to write a scene until I had it all that worked out.

And that’s not true. The Girls don’t care about all that. They care about Sarah and Finch and the nefarious council members who are handing out contracts without bidding them (anyone in public service, contracts, grants, gets the visceral bad mojo on ‘lack of competitive bidding’ that auditors harp on).

And in the end, it’s all about what is going on in their lives and why they don’t just look at each other and say, “Let’s get married,” and live the Happy Ever After.

So I knocked down that barrier and I’m creating some scene set-ups AND giving myself permission to write crap – at least for the month of November.

I know that it isn’t truly crap that I write when the words first hit the page. It is the start of something really good and if I apply the multitude of craft tools I have, it will be great. In the grants game (my day job) those first words on the page are called the barking draft (rough, rough). Jennifer Crusie calls it the Don’t Look Down draft. I think another writer friend, Jeanne, has another name for it. It’s all the same. Words on the page.

Now I need to get back to that blank page and put some words on it. Or, because I’m readying for NaNo – labeling the blank page for what will go on it every day in November.

So, my writer friends, write – just write. Forget everything else. Write.

3 thoughts on “Michille: Write (dangit). Just Write

  1. On Tuesday morning I finished the first draft of Act 1 of The Demon’s in the Details. Which means that on Tuesday evening I was moaning to my husband about what utter crap it is. Fortunately, he’s been around long to just say, “Uh huh,” and turn back toward the TV.

    Nora Roberts says, “I can fix anything but a blank page.”

    Thanks for reminding me that I now have one act of something Nora could fix, if she were so inclined.

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