Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints, now in Alphabetical Order!

stopwatch graphicJust think, only 76 days until Christmas. Scary thought, isn’t it? To take your mind of that, how about some Writing Sprints.

Everyone knows you need to warm up before sprinting, so let’s stretch our creativity with a few minutes of Alphabetical Improv.

The process is pretty simple. You write 26 sentences (one for each letter of the alphabet). The first sentence starts with “A”, the second “B”, and so-on. Your 26 sentences can be an entire short story, a scene, a poem, or whatever creative piece you want. You just need to use all 26 letters, in order, no repeats. Easy peasy, right?

I’ll post a sample in the comments.

So, now it’s your turn.

  1. Start with the letter “A”
  2. Write until you get to “Z” (or until you run out of time or interest)
  3. Post your results in the comments section.

Ready? Go!

*whistling aimlessly while you are off being creative*

Ah, you’re back. Kind of fun, right? Can’t wait to see what you have come up with.

Now that you’re all warmed up, time to start sprinting.

As a reminder, the goal is to flex your writing skills and to jump start your creativity. It’s all about getting words on the page, not getting the perfect words on the page, so pull out that pen/paper, computer, or whatever your writing implements of choice are, and Write.

  1. Set a time period (i.e., 15 minutes)
  2. Write
  3. When you’re done, note your progress in the comments  (i.e., “15 minutes and 394 words”)
  4. Rinse and repeat

I hope to see some fun creative efforts and good word counts in the comments to motivate my own efforts.

Happy writing to all.

7 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints, now in Alphabetical Order!

  1. As he heard the thud of the closing door, Michael slowly faded back into consciousness. Blood obscured his vision when he attempted to open his right eye, and he was certain Satan’s own blacksmith had recently used his head as an anvil, but at least he was alive. Cautiously he rose to a sitting position and checked for broken bones and missing parts. Despite feeling as though he had been trampled by the entire Royal Menagerie, everything seemed to be intact, much to his relief. Eventually, when he felt strong enough to stand without toppling over, Michael rose and braced himself against the nearby dank stone wall.

    Faint glimmers of light from the sconces flanking the heavy door on the far side of the room provided just enough illumination for him to get his bearings. Getting out, so he could neutralize the damage his earlier cowardice had caused, was Michael’s immediate goal. He would save dealing with his captors, as they so richly deserved, for another time.

    Inching his way toward the door, Michael moved carefully around the bodies that littered the ground, stopping briefly at each one to check signs of life. Just me, he thought as he reached the door. Kneeling, he loosened his left boot and removed the lock-pick secreted in the back seam. Luckily, his captors hadn’t considered his footwear when they searched him for weapons.

    Massive though the door was, the simple old-fashioned lock was the type Michael had opened many times in the past. Napoleon got off of Elba, I can certainly get out of here. Once he heard the tumblers click into place, Michael slowly eased the door open a crack and peered out down the dimly lit corridor. Praying that there were no guards posted along the way, he exited the chamber and eased the door closed. Quickly as he could, he made his way through the labyrinth of tunnels and hallways that led to the outer exit.

    Rounding a corner Michael saw a lone guard and efficiently dropped him to the ground with a quick punch. Silently he waited and listened for the sound of anyone else in the hallway but, hearing nothing other than his own laboured breathing, he continued on. Two more guards were efficiently dispatched before Michael finally made it to the outer door.

    Using his lock-pick once again, he struggled to defeat the final barrier between him and freedom. Victorious at last, he slipped out into the night. While waiting a moment to catch his breath, Michael surveyed his surroundings and attempted to get his bearings. Xerxes the Great might have died before leading his troops in Egypt, Michael thought as he started forward, but I’ll be damned if I’ll abandon my own men.

    “You, stop,” yelled a guard who was coming around the side of the house as Michael escaped into the surrounding landscape, but it was too late, he was free. Zooming bullets, echoing in the distance confirmed that he still had time to protect his men and thwart his captors.

      • Thanks JIlly, glad you liked it. The revisions are coming along, just not as quickly as I’d like. Probably because I keep getting distracted by the day-job and my new story.

  2. A sort-of-ode to holidays past, composed on the rush-hour Tube. We were so engrossed, we forgot to get cranky about the overcrowding, so thanks for the challenge.

    Watch the Birdie

    Auks are pelagic,
    Boobies are blue;
    Curlews are noisy,
    Doves all go ‘coo’.

    Eagles soar solo,
    Fulmars love cliffs;
    Gannets go fishing,
    Hoopoes have quiffs.

    Ibis are scarlet,
    Jackdaws are smart;
    Knots fly in thousands,
    Lark song – pure art!

    Motmots have rackets,
    Nightingales sing;
    Oilbird (not petrel!)
    Penguin is King.

    Quetzals Resplendent,
    Riflebirds preen;
    Sunbirds are dazzling,
    Todys are green.

    Umbrellabirds boom,
    Vangas: rare, fame!
    Weavers build baskets,
    Xenops – best name 🙂

    Yellowlegs wading
    (this has been fun!)
    Zebra Finch, stripy,
    (bird list is done!)

    • Excellent work Jilly! I’m off to dig up the bird manual and see what all these are. I’m afraid my bird-knowledge is woefully incomplete.

      • Start with the Resplendent Quetzal – aptly named and very beautiful. No wonder it was sacred to the Mayan and Aztec peoples and even has a currency named after it. We’ve seen all the birds above except the King Penguin (still waiting for that trip to Antarctica) and the Xenops (looks brown and boring, made the list for the obvious reason 😉 ).

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