Congratulations Jeanne! Golden Heart Winner!

RWA's Golden Heart necklace, awarded to each Golden Heart winner.

RWA’s Golden Heart necklace, awarded to each Golden Heart winner.

The Eight Ladies were thrilled to be in New York to witness our very own Jeanne Oates Estridge win the Golden Heart for her paranormal “Demons Don’t” on Saturday night!

There were lots of screams and shouts of joy from one corner of the room and many of us (like me!) had tears in their eyes. We have all worked very hard since the McDaniel program on fine-tuning and improving our writing, and seeing Jeanne win was a testament to that.

All the ladies had a great weekend, received requests for fulls and partials, and attended some great workshops. Details on that in the days to come!

In the meantime, we wish Jeanne every success and are so proud of her!

11 thoughts on “Congratulations Jeanne! Golden Heart Winner!

  1. Yay, Jeanne!!!!! We were so glad to be there to cheer for you! And while I hate to say I told you so (ok, I love to say it), you did need to make that acceptance speech ;-)’

  2. I slept through the awards (some friend, huh? sorry!). But with trembling fingers I looked up the result on the RWA website and . . . there you were!!!!!!!! I’m so pleased and happy for you!

    Deets, guys, deets! Did she wear that sparkling blue dress? How much crying was there? I’ve got tears in my eyes from here. What did you tell her when you saw her after?

    Oh, that’s so great!

    (LOL, I should probably let you guys finish getting home and unpacking before I demand all the details. Hope it was a very productive and rewarding trip for all of you!)

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