Kat: How To Write A Romance Novel

YoungWomanWritingAtDeskOh, if only I’d found this four-part, six+ minute primer on writing a romance novel before I spent oodles of $$ and a year+ studying writing at McD ;-). Actually, too many people think this is all there is to it (how wrong they are), but I prefer to take it tongue-in-cheek. Either way, I found it hilarious.

Happy 4th everyone!

10 thoughts on “Kat: How To Write A Romance Novel

  1. Kat, that is genius, and as Kay says, it is not wrong. Right now, I’m sitting in the bar of a Derbyshire hotel where Jane Austen wrote part of P&P. I hope her ghost is laughing as hard as I am.

    • Derbyshire hotel! Jane Austen! Maybe when we’re in NYC, we should have a drink at the Algonquin. It’s terribly expensive and not as cool as it once was, but still. Dorothy Parker! George S. Kaufman! Robert Benchley!

      • Ooh, I did that the last time I was in NYC. It’s a gorgeous old bar!

        (Still chuckling at “You’re a real horse’s ass. And you are making my problem worse.”)

      • Squee! I knew there was a reason I re-read P&P last week — maybe channeling Jilly vibes. Wouldn’t it be so fun to write in the same places our heroes have written? Sigh . . . .

        Algonquin, too, is on my list of “somedays” — last time I looked, they had a writer’s discount. Still quite, quite expensive to stay, but . . . it was a nice discount. (-: Maybe I’ll earmark a portion of my first advance for some delightful treat like lunch at the Algonquin. (-: Or a visit to Raffles hotel in Singapore. They’ve got a Writer’s Bar there . . . .

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