Kat: The Interview Series: Bella Andre


Courtesy of bellaandrew.com

Today, my plan was to feature a video interview with a newly published romance author, but as we all know plans have a way of changing (particularly when we’re surfing the web). My research for newly published authors led me to e-publishing which led  me to this interesting video interview with Indie Bestselling author Bella Andre on “Self-publishing, community, and marketing”. Since two of the ladies plan to attend an e-publisher reception at RWA this year, I found this interview particularly interesting. In fact, I’ve begun to rethink my (old) mindset that self-publishing=vanity publishing.

If you have ten and a half minutes to spare, have a look. And hey, if you have a few minutes, come back and post your thoughts on e-publishing and self-publishing. Would you consider it? If so, why? If not, why not?

Here’s Bella Andre.

6 thoughts on “Kat: The Interview Series: Bella Andre

  1. It’s a different world these days! Most of my friends who are traditionally published have already started self-publishing or are seriously considering it, in lieu of or in addition to trad pub.

    I think Bella Andre will be at RWA Nationals, as will Marie Force. I’m going to attend their (and other) self-pub sessions. One of the biggest problems I have right now is having so much information to parse through. Just when I think I’m getting a handle on some aspect of it, I’ll see a discussion on a self-pub loop and think, ‘Wtf? I didn’t even know [insert topic here] was a thing’. I definitely need a step-by-step ‘self-publishing for dummies’ type of book. Of course, it would have to be updated constantly because things change so often and so quickly!

  2. You’re way ahead of me, Nancy. When I see a discussion on self-pub I’ve traditionally ignore it :-). Those days are over. I’m considering jumping on board the e-pub train by attending the publisher (not sure which one) reception with you and Justine.

  3. I enjoyed the link, Kat, thanks! I subscribe to the interviewer’s blog (Joanna Penn / The Creative Penn) and I find it very informative and useful.

    Kay and I went to Bella Andre and Barbara Freethy’s self-pub workshop at last year’s Nationals. They are so huge now, it was a little daunting to hear about their process, but I really enjoyed myself and I’ll definitely go to more self-pub presentations this year. I also follow the RWA Industry and Self-Pub loops and like Nancy, I’ve learned how much there is to learn 🙂

  4. I am a lousy marketer. I was a Mary Kay Lady in college, and I think the only thing I sold to a non-relative was one lousy lipstick. So, I’m not crazy about holding down a dayjob, writing, AND being a marketing/advertiser.

    OTOH, self-pub would mean that I could publish shorter pieces (which may be my natural style). I think I could produce a quality product; the real question would be if I could promote it?

    OTThird Hand, if I’ve got a dayjob, what does it matter if I make any money out of the deal? Short pieces, written for fun, undiscovered by anybody beyond the Eight Ladies and maybe a few of our readers who are curious enough to click through . . . . When I lower the stakes like that, it suddenly becomes a much more attractive deal, to tell the truth (-:.

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