Michille: Celebrating 2015

Write a Good OneI didn’t do nearly as much fiction writing in my 2014 writing year as I had hoped/planned/resolved. In my first post of 2014, I wrote that “I hope to craft better scenes . . . The first one I’m going to work on is a scene between my protagonist and antagonist that has been giving me fits for weeks. I’ve skipped it too many times to count and I need to get it down on paper.” I did that, but not much else. Around about October, I finally let myself off the hook. Like Elizabeth wrote in her post yesterday, I work full time and have a myriad of other roles and intrusions that get in the way. The biggest one in 2015 was taking all but one of the remaining courses to complete my MLA (the courses that came after the 5 romance writing certificate courses and the 2 advanced workshops). I did a lot of writing for those, but it wasn’t for my manuscript.

I like the noun Elizabeth posted, too. I get this every year in late December and hold on to it for varying amounts of time.

Resoloptimism [rez-uh-lop-tuh-miz-uhm] noun. The sense of confidence experienced by individuals as they vow to make changes in their lives. ~ Urban Dictionary

In 2014, I did write 26 blog posts; expand my reading horizons significantly to ancient Greek and Roman texts, and Jungian psychology; and create the story idea and proposal for my MLA project/next manuscript.

I like the Brad Paisley quote in the graphic. He referred to life, but I’m taking it more literally. So for 365 days in 2015, I resolve to think about writing, read about writing, read what others have written and write. I resolve to:

  • Complete my next manuscript (earn 6 credits and have it pitch ready by RWA 2015).
  • Jump on Kat’s classic-novel-reading bandwagon.
  • Alternate that with the multitude of unread craft books on my shelf with some new popular romance.
  • Write a good 365 page story in 2015 (literally and figuratively).

I greet 2015 with great resoloptimism. What are you resoloptimistic about?

10 thoughts on “Michille: Celebrating 2015

  1. Glad you liked the word Michille. It was my first contribution to the Urban Dictionary, many years ago. Your plan for 2015 sounds great. Good luck with it all. I especially like the “write a good 365 page story” (literally and figuratively) thought.

    • I sent the word to my daughter, also. She posted her excitement about new resolutions. I resolve that today I will write the first scene of Love Is A Battlefield (working title for my Antigone story). Happy New Year!

  2. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but every year I set goals for the year. I generally do it in 4 categories Health/Fitness, Work, Relationships and Writing. For 2015 I want to drop the other half of the 20 pounds I vowed to get rid of in 2014. With retirement five years off, my only work goal is to remain committed to being a reliable employee (no more chasing after promotions and more money, so that’s a relief). For relationships, I’d like to return to doing more family gatherings. I dropped a lot of that when I started at McDaniel, and I’ve never really picked it back up.

    And for writing–lofty goals this year. I want to complete two drafts. The first is Demons Design, the second installment of my ,i>Touched by a Demon series, featuring Asmodeus, the hipster demon who runs DemSec, Hell’s version of Witness Protection. The other will be To the Bone, a work of women’s fiction about a young woman who wins an extreme makeover that literally changes her out of recognition, then returns home to try to resume her normal life.

    Good luck to the 8 Ladies and all their followers in 2015! May we all see success.

    • You know, Jeanne, there are a lot of things that I either purposely took off my plate or let fall off through the McDaniel program. Some of those really should come back on. Thanks for that reminder. Some of them were good things. Good luck with your family gatherings. They can be fun (or crazy depending on your family).

  3. I’m looking at tempered resoloptimism this year. I want to finish the WIP (almost there) and get a decent draft of the next one done by next summer’s RWA. I also have some boring and time-consuming, but important personal issues to work through. I’m plotting everything out on a monthly/weekly/daily calendar so I can see progress and make adjustments—but I’m using a two-year old diary that sat untouched in a drawer. It’s only two days off, right? It’ll still work! With imagination…

    • The personal stuff – life has a way on intruding on the things we really want to be doing. Good luck with the calendar thing. I guess I’ll have to set up a schedule for my spring writing, too. I might look for an up-to-date planner, though.

  4. I like your goals, Michille, and good luck with Love Is A Battlefield. It sounds great!

    I don’t do formal resolutions, but I want to finish the WIP, enter it in the Golden Heart and start querying. I should (fingers crossed) be ready to do that in the next week or so, which will make a nice start to 2015. Like Kay, I want to have a polished draft of my next story done by RWA, and like Jeanne I want to see if I can get two done by the end of next year. I have a much better idea of what that means in terms of work-load, now, so we’ll see if I even get close.

    • Thanks Jilly. I wrote scene 1 of my project/story this morning. It’s chat, but that is what the opening of Antigone is, so there you go. We’ll get some good writing time in at the end of this month. Woo hoo.

  5. Great goals! I love the idea of writing a page a day . . . I need to mess with that.

    I’m usually a big goal-maker, but this year, I’ve decided to try and make things less formal. The biggest thing is to write when I feel like writing (ie: don’t do housework or surf the net), and try to finish what I’ve started . . . I think that’s the big thing. We’ll see how it progresses.

    BTW, next major new year: Chinese New Year is on February 9!

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