Nancy: Linkety-Links to Discounted Books (and Related Swag!)

All I Want for Christmas Part 2

Last week, I told you about my Christmas wish list, which consisted of – oddly enough – books. And then Justine posted this awesome writers’ wish list, so Santa has his work cut out for him this year! This week, for those of you who celebrate a gift-giving holiday and still need to build/add to you own wish list or determine what to buy for a special reader in you life, as well as anyone who just wants to give themselves the gift of more books to read, I have links! Follow the breadcrumbs to these online sites to  find low-cost, discounted, and sometimes even free! books (and at the end of the post, some fun book- and writing-related treats).

Amazon book deals link

Yes, I know, Amazon needs no help selling books or Any of the Things, at this or any other time of the year. But just in case you’ve been so busy you’ve missed it, I didn’t want you to miss out on their 12 Days of Deals, book-style. We’re already on day 5 (egads!), but there are still plenty of days left to snag some great low-cost books in any and all formats.

eBooks only links

This can be a great time of year to try new books and authors for a nominal or even no cost. If you’re not already doing it (how could you not already be doing it???), check out BookBub. This requires an email sign-up, but allows you to customize your book selection criteria, after which you will receive daily deals lists, many of which are $1.99, $.99, or free. Or if you prefer, opt out of the daily email and check out the site whenever the mood strikes you to find something fun and new.

All Romance Books is another email sign-up site offering so many deals! All the time! In every imaginable romance genre! You can sort deals by author, release date, publisher, even heat level (including zero flames, which I assume implies no sex, because if there’s no heat, there’s no romance). And if you want to give the gift of romance to a friend, this site makes it easy with eBook Bucks, their version of an online gift certificate.

Coffee Time Romance offers, in addition to book deals, free access to author interviews, chats, and fun forums. Scroll down to the eBook Store News section to check out discounts and deals.

Book View Cafe, which is one of the online homes of friend of the blog Mindy Klasky (and many, many other wonderful authors), refuses to be left out of the fun. Check out their site on December 26 for Boxing Day specials, which give you the opportunity to continue your book-buying frenzy past the traditional Christmas shopping season. You’re welcome.

Daily book blurb link

My long-time friend and sometimes critique partner, Lisa Lawmaster Hess, has published in the children/young adult market and has recently added inspirational romance writer to her long list of accomplishments. For the entire month of December, Lisa is sharing the joy with a daily book blurb on her Facebook page. Scroll through the daily posts for book discounts or give-aways from Lisa’s author friends, and possibly discover a favorite new book (or three) at the same time.

Some fun (even thought they’re not books)  links

If your TBR pile is teetering or your virtual library is about to blow up your eBook reading device (hey, it could happen, probably), might I suggest a few non-book things for the readers or writers in your life? First, check out Chuck Wendig’s blog post about gifts for writers. Okay, cheating a bit here because there are a few book suggestions on the list, but there are lots of non-books as well. I would lurrrv the Chemex myself, but if I bring one more coffee-related product into the house, my husband will move me and my coffee habit into his own version of the writer’s shed, and trust me, it will be nothing like the luxury shed on Chuck’s list. I still have my eye on that Livescribe pen, though.

For a smaller, stuffing-stockable gift, check out these fun literary socks over at Book Riot! Yes, I said literary socks. Not two words that go together very often, but trust me, you’re going to have fun with this one. My favorites are Toe-meo and Juliet. And I’m pretty sure some reader on my ‘buy for’ list is getting banned books socks. Follow the linkety-link and pick out your own favorite pair.

What great gift-giving (or receiving) websites or ideas have you found this year? Share your own gift gems and links in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Nancy: Linkety-Links to Discounted Books (and Related Swag!)

  1. Nancy, just saw a post over on Facebook that mentioned this discounted/free book site (“Great books, no middleman”).

    I don’t have any experience with them, but may be worth looking in to. They also provide some free promotional services for authors.

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