Michaeline: Make Your Own Rules!

Woman racing past judges in a number 13 automobile (circa 1916)

“Without cutting down her speed, Tish bumped home the winner.” And how was your November? (May Wilson Preston/Wikimedia Commons)

Here we are, the penultimate day of November, and those of you who have been doing NaNo are either sitting pretty, or tearing your hair out, or, if you are like me, looking somewhat bemused and wondering, “What the hell happened this month?”

By all metrics, this has been my worst NaNo ever. I haven’t made even 25 percent of the word count, and most strangely, I’m not sitting here with a short novella – a completely finished story.

But, I still feel optimistic. I’ve got a great story, I’ve plotted out two-thirds of it, my world-building is some of my strongest yet, and everything just feels right. So, I feel that makes me a NaNo winner. I’m really happy with my results this month.

And just like Tish in this illustration by May Wilson Preston, I’m going to keep bumping along through December. This is going to be a great ride!

And how was your November? And what are your plans and strategies for December?

7 thoughts on “Michaeline: Make Your Own Rules!

  1. I’m so pleased that Nano has gone well for you Michaeline – much better to have a small amount of decent words, the thing plotted out and great world building (always something I struggle with) than 50,000 words of what turns out to be useless rubbish.

    My November has been terrible for writing – I moved house a few days ago (in fact, the second part of the move is going on around me right now) and that seems to have taken up a disproportionate amount of time and mental energy. But onwards and upwards for December… aiming to finish replotting (and the dreaded world building) and start a new draft on 1st January.

    • Moving is always such a hassle. A friend of mine moved last April, and she is still struggling with it. (She’s got some health issues, so it’s natural that it takes her so long.) I think our minds get caught up with creative solutions to storage and packing, and are rather tired at the end of the day. I hope you are able to take a few breaths, and then get back into the new draft!

      New Year’s is also a great time to make a new start . . . I really like listing the fresh starts that are available to us — New Year’s, Chinese New Year, Persian New Year, Australian Fiscal New Year . . . .

  2. Michaeline, that sounds really positive. I’d agree, your NaNo is a winner, even if it doesn’t meet the official criteria. I’m looking forward to hearing much more about Bunny, Kitty & co.

    My November was solid. I’ve been plugging away trying to Finish The Damn Book. December will be more of the same. It’s hard work, but the end is in sight, and that’s exciting.

    • It WILL get done! Looking forward to seeing more of it, but I hope after December! (So selfish I am . . . . I just found all the books I bought to research the 1890s, and I want to dive deeper into this world . . . .)

  3. My November has been bad for writing, too, but I’ll get a jump on my New Year’s resolutions for Dec. 1. Nothing but good times ahead!

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