Kat: Writers & Friends (Video Edition)

Young woman reading book at home libraryToday was supposed to be a “Focus Friday” post profiling writer Ann Patchett. I’ve just started to read my way through her work, but I’m already a fan. I recently finished her wonderful book on writing, The Getaway Car, which reminded me of another excellent book on the writing life, Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. Both books have a “deeply satisfying conversation with a good friend” quality. I found an interesting (if a touch slow) video interview between the two women (see below), which led me to other writer interviews and panel discussions.

Which leads me to today’s post: a collection of interviews, panels, and talks that I found worth a look. This certainly isn’t a complete list (feel free to recommend your favorites, too), but for me, they were all time well spent.

George R.R. Martin, Diana Gabaldon on ‘Rulers of the Realm’ Panel (Running time 52.59)

Ian McEwan’s Advice for Aspiring Writers: (Running time 3:23 — short and sweet)

Stephen King Speaks: (It’s long at 53:04 minutes, but if you loved his writing book (On Writing), you’ll enjoy hearing him speak).

Salon – Anne Lamott in Conversation with Ann Patchett  (Running Time: 1:00)

Once published (and yes, we all will be published), who (a writer, please) would you choose to conduct your first interview? Who (a writer, please) would you love to interview?

4 thoughts on “Kat: Writers & Friends (Video Edition)

  1. Thank you for this, Kat. I just watched the Stephen King link and really enjoyed it. I’m saving the others for this evening.

    This isn’t a writing link, but there’s a lot in it about creativity and story-telling http://media.nypl.org/video/LIVE_2014-10-8_Ratmansky.mp4.

    It’s a recent interview at the New York Public Library with the young, very nice and outrageously talented choreographer Alexei Ratmansky. It’s long (about an hour, I think) but very interesting and enjoyable. I love the idea that he was a student at the Bolshoi ballet school, but because he did not get a place in the company when he graduated, he went to other places instead and his work benefited from wider and different influences, which eventually led to him going back to the Bolshoi company as the Artistic Director.

  2. I saw David Letterman interview Stephen King and John Mellancamp when the two of them were collaborating on a project that was going to Broadway. It was the most amazingly fun interview. I couldn’t believe how gleeful Stephen King was (and how squeamish John Mellancamp was) when they talked about the original material for the play, which was the finding of decapitated bodies on abandoned land. Now that you’ve posed the question about who we’d like to interview and who should interview us, I think I want David Letterman to interview all of us. I think we’d be a hoot.

  3. I would love to have a conversation with Susan Elizabeth Phillips. And Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone). And E.L. James (her mostly because I saw her on Katie Couric and she was adorable, which is such a contrast to her work that she fascinates me).

  4. I like the David Letterman idea, but he can be so sardonic. Craig Ferguson is leaving . . . . OH! Ellen! She’s written a book! I’m going to dream big and go for Ellen.

    There are a lot of writers I’d like to interview. The process is so fascinating. The Eight Ladies would be good to interview as well as our commenters. It seems like every time I read a book these days, I’d like to interview the author and find out what they were thinking.

    One person I’d love to interview right now is Emma Newman, who does the quirky and lovely podcast on writing, Tea and Jeopardy. A cup of tea and a mild spot of peril is how I think her blurb goes.

    These are a great list of links. As soon as I get a little time, I’m going to take a closer look. Thank you for the running times!

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