Elizabeth: Collecting Happiness

LoveWriterToday, as I usually do, I did a quick read through my Facebook news feed and the various blog posts in my mailbox before settling down to the business of writing.  I can usually count on a number of amusing pictures and maybe a few interesting thoughts on writing or life, but recently there have also been a number of posts on the blue side. Some friends are battling depression while others are struggling with the changing of the seasons and the stresses of the upcoming holiday season. All of them, it seems, could use a little happiness.

So, instead of the post on originality that I had planned for today, I thought I’d talk about something that gave me a shot of happiness this weekend. It’s the silliest thing, really, but whoever said happiness had to be serious business.

I’m a Starbucks coffee drinker and have been for a long time. Over the years I’ve received a number of their gift cards as presents. They generally have fun images or sayings on them so even when they’ve reached a balance of $0, I tend to keep them. This weekend, when I took a break from tormenting my characters writing to work on my ongoing office reorganization project, I found out just how many of them I had amassed. Seriously, I think they started multiplying on their own in the desk drawer when my back was turned. As I sorted through the cards, I noticed that there were a great many that were Valentine’s or love related. I’d been looking for something to use to decorate my newly cleared office space and the cards gave me an idea. The result, as you can see in the image above, is my “romance collage.” There are a variety of heart and flower images, with some letter blocks interspersed. There is even a mini-heart gift card that seemed just perfect for the center. It may be hard to see, but the cards with letters on them spell out “Love” and “Writer”.OfficeSpace

It was a simple project that took almost no time at all. The cards are just sticky-taped to a piece of mounting board, which is just sticky-taped to the wall, but it gives me a shot of happiness whenever I look at it. Plus, I think it’s just what my office space was lacking. (And yes, before you ask, my office space is a re-purposed closet.)

So, what gives you a jolt of happy when you need it? Do you have any collections of your own that are guaranteed to bring out a smile?

12 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Collecting Happiness

  1. So cute!

    This time of year can be tough for many of us in the northern hemi . . . I’ve been trying to be diligent about getting my vitamin D, and spending at least a few minutes in the sunshine. I find the writing also helps boost my mood. (Beginning the writing does NOT boost my mood, but once I’ve started, I get pretty cheerful. Usually.)

    (-: This year is particularly hard because my book is set in February . . . it makes November feel particularly bleak and looooong! Next novel is definitely going to be a summer novel.

    • Michaeline – it’s great that writing can boost your mood. Nothing like that sense of accomplishment to perk things up. My book is set in September, so no bleak wintery feel, but I can definitely see the appeal of working on something set in summer when the days are getting dark and cold here.

  2. I love your shot of happy! That is a great collage, something made of great images that bring back fond memories of great coffee. What could be better? I’m not sure I have a shot of happy right now—but if I can start to get my own office organized, that will surely make me extremely joyous.

    • Thanks Kay, glad you liked it. I can definitely recommend office organization as a path to happiness. My office was a cluttered space that I didn’t want to work in before and now it’s much more welcoming plus, it has only the things I need not a lot of other stuff that hasn’t been touched in years.

  3. Your clean, organized space makes my Virgo heart sing! And I love the pop of red against the green wall.

    Some of the happy things in my office include animals – small carved elephants to hold up books on the bookcase, a carved cat that a friend brought back from her trip to Egypt (the year before it got scary there), and a sandstone frog that holds court in a large green glass bowl, surrounded by river rocks and seashells I collected while at a writers’ retreat on the Outer Banks. My office is also green, and I have a red heart pillow on my chair (it’s something we short people often have to do) that makes me happy, as well :-).

    • Thanks Nancy. I liked the pop of green against the wall too. Sounds like you have a nice menagerie in your office to brighten things up. It’s nice to have collections that are both pretty and have nice memories attached to them.

  4. My favorite shot of happiness has for years been CuteOverload.com. There are very few dark days that cannot be brightened, even if only a little, by such things as “baby hedgehog in a muffin tin” and “baby hippos blowing bubbles”.

    I also have my computer set up so that it picks a new one of my own favorite pictures as my desktop, changing the picture multiple times each day.

    If cyber-shots don’t count, then I will smilingly point to the only “family” picture I can see without turning my head — the one of Rocky the Appaloosa.

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