Michaeline: Around the Campfire

An evening's entertainment by the light of a flame. (Via Wikimedia Commons, Ferdinand du Puigaudeau, Chinese Shadows:  The Rabbit)

An evening’s entertainment by the light of a flame. (Via Wikimedia Commons, Ferdinand du Puigaudeau, Chinese Shadows: The Rabbit)

Stuck in your writing routine? Here’s some food for thought: the Smithsonian speculates on how the campfire entertainment of our ancestors may have direct influence on the way we entertain ourselves today.

The post links to an abstract that says, “Night talk plays an important role in evoking higher orders of theory of mind via the imagination . . . .”

October is a great time for stories, and the early nightfall gives you plenty of time to explore evening storytime. So, if you are a little stuck, turn out the lights, light a candle, and tell a story to yourself or a loved one. See what happens, and have your writing tools near to capture anything that appears out of the dark.

9 thoughts on “Michaeline: Around the Campfire

  1. This is so cool, Michaeline. I love the idea that in watching TV, going to the theatre or a movie, we’re gathering together in the dark to share stories and inspire ourselves, and that we’re updating a tradition that’s been around for more than 400,000 years. I do think there’s something special about storytelling after dark – when I go to the opera or ballet in the afternoon, somehow it never feels quite the same.

    I’ll think of this post next time I go to a play, especially if it’s an evening one with a discussion afterwards 🙂

    • (-: The screen or footlights as hearth. I really like the idea of evening being story time, too. I’ll often cuddle up with my phone and watch YouTube while my daughter is practicing her piano after supper. I should set up an old computer (with no internet!) in the library — but only after I get through all the episodes of QI (-:.

  2. Ha! The church across the street beat me to it. They built a HUGE bonfire, provided hotdogs and marshmallows and s’mores fixin’s and sent out an email to the whole neighborhood to join them. Just spent an hour and a half out in the crisp night, rubbing shoulders with neighbors and telling stories of our lives by firelight. Feeling very inspired!! Although, not really sure how much of that inspiration came from the bonfire and how much came from the very charming, fit firefighters assigned to observe the burn. 😉

    • Oh! So jealous, Jennifer. I yearn to experience s’mores with all the trappings, even more than Peeps or Twinkies. I’m not even sure I’d like toasted marshmallow, but I’d give it a good try, and bring some Bonfire Toffee as fair exchange. And bonus firefighters? No wonder you’re inspired 😉

      • S’mores are nice, but toasted marshmallow is pretty stupendous. The flavor is somewhat like toffee (of course — toasted sugar), but the texture is . . . gooey and crunchy and almost indescribable. I believe you can get them from Amazon.uk. (I just googled, and it looks like the simple marshmallow is a gourmet treat in the UK. Vegan ones, or even marshmallows made from REAL marsh mallow. Here in Japan, we can get them at export stores or possibly Toys R Us. They’ve made inroads in regular grocery stores, too. Alas, no Twinkies. Peeps aren’t available either, but I’m not crazy about Peeps. I’d rather have a chocolate bunny. (-: There are quite a few British goods, too. Carr’s Water Biscuits?)

        Evening here, and I seem to have meandered instead of told a story.

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