Justine: Some Days Just Aren’t Good

This is literally how I felt when I got Jilly's email asking me if I needed help getting my post published this morning.

This is literally how I felt when I got Jilly’s email asking me if I needed help getting my post published this morning.

Today is starting off as one of them. This post should have popped into your inbox around 5 a.m. That’s the agreed-upon time we Eight Ladies have established for our post publication. Well, obviously it didn’t happen for me.

Ya see, my schedule is off. My kids have been on break and my dad’s been visiting. I literally have made zero progress on my WIP since their break started on October 3rd. To top it off, my husband had some colleagues over for dinner last night (which, of course, meant me working my buns off to get the house clean and to cook). I honestly didn’t know what day it was yesterday, and when I figured it out, it still didn’t register with me that Monday = Get Your Post Done day.

So I have nothing for you today, folks, except an apology that I don’t have anything for you. If it’s any consolation (because I’m sure you wait with bated breath for my post each Tuesday), the kids go back to school today, my dad flies home, and life should return to normal.

I hope.

What do you do when life throws you a zinger?

14 thoughts on “Justine: Some Days Just Aren’t Good

    • I debate that, too, particularly when I haven’t done much writing! I hope to spend this morning getting my desk set back to rights and finding my way back into my story and where I left off. Of course, as soon as I do, I’ll have to stop to pick up the kids, because after having an entire week + Monday off for “Fall Break,” the whole rest of the week is half-days for conferences!

        • I think tomorrow is going to be my day to write. This day is just turning into a wash as far as my story goes. But that’s okay…I’m knocking out a few items that have been lingering on my to-do list since the beginning of the month, and clearing them off my desk also clears them out of my mind.

          Tomorrow, I start a new carpool with another mom for school drop-off and she will drive in the morning, so that’ll free up an hour right there, plus I’m making the kids go to after-school camp for a couple hours (’cause they have a half-day all week), so I can squeeze in a bit more time there, too. I just have to clear everything else out of my office/off my desk, so I’m not tempted to work on anything else, but I don’t think I’ll accomplish that today.

          Tomorrow will likely be a “work at the kitchen table with internet turned OFF” day. No distractions there…I have no problem letting dishes sit in the sink. 😉

  1. Sorry I gave you a bad hair day on top of everything else, Justine (love the pic, though)! Sometimes everything hits at once and you have to deal with it the best you can, knowing it’s highly likely that some things will have to go on the back burner and others will fall through the cracks. At least it was all good stuff that life threw at you – hope you had enough time to enjoy it 🙂

    • Trust me, the hair was already bad. I had just woken up and I’m not that pretty just out of bed! Things have shifted the last week or so, but I’m hoping to reshift. If this week has taught me anything, it’s that I need to write my posts well in advance and schedule them if the kids are going to be off from school!

      • This morning I got up to read your post and I saw it wasn’t there. My first thought was “scheduling snafu” (because, you know, that’s happened to me 🙂 ), so I went to the admin site, and sure enough, there was your post scheduled for Oct. 7, 2055. So I started to change the date to post it immediately, thinking of all the warm wishes I’d get for taking action, and then I decided to read the post first, just in case. And—oops! It was a draft. Not yet finished. Let that be a lesson to me. So after that heart-stopping moment, I slunk back into my cave.

        Love the pic, and the post, what can I say? Fantastic, especially with your schedule in chaos.

  2. Poor you 😊 But you know you eight ladies do such a fantastic job of posting here day after day (while the rest of us just lie on the sofa, read the post and think ‘great post but I’m just too tired to comment tonight’) that you deserve a day off.

    • I’m just waiting to see what it’s like when we’re all published and all on deadlines! 😀 Glad we can help you with your couch surfing. We aim to please. 😀

  3. Some weeks are just like that . . . . When school is in session, the day and date is part of my EFL schtick, so I usually know the day (date is still extremely iffy — I have a lot of trouble with space and time). But when school is out . . . oh boy. I’m lucky if I know what year it is, let alone what day!

    (-: Jilly and Kay have saved my butt on occasion, too. It’s group effort (-:. Hang in there . . . the pace will slow down eventually!

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