Kat: Encouragement – Pass It On

Sad WriterToday is “National Day of Encouragement” day. If that sounds sort of like a “Hallmark” holiday that’s because it is (it’s on my calendar). But since there is too little encouragement in the world (and because I can’t count the number of times when  a simple word of encouragement kept me writing), I’m embracing the idea.

In the interest of getting in the spirit, I found three inspiring TED talks. The presenters are as different as night and day (an author, radio talk show host, and a filmmaker) but their respective messages are encouraging and inspirational.

Happy National Day of Encouragement!

Author Isabel Allende has some advice for those of us who need a little encouragement to change the way we view aging and relevancy. Isabel Allende: How to Live Passionately, No Matter What Your Age

My favorite quote(s): “Aging is an attitude. The spirit never ages. Say yes to life and stay passionate and engaged with an open heart.”

Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson has an idea about generating ideas. He encourages us all to “Copy, Transform, & Combine” to find “new” ideas. His examples focus primarily on music, but the same principles can be applied to writing. Kirby Ferguson: Embrace the Remix

My favorite quote:
“Creativity comes from without, not within. We are dependent upon one another. Admitting this…is an incentive to not expect so much from ourselves and simply begin.”

Last but not least, talk show host, Julie Burstein uses four stories (what better way to encourage learning) in order to illustrate the role our experiences, challenges, limits, and losses play in personal creativity. Julie Burstein: 4 Lessons in Creativity

My favorite quote: Too many to mention.

What or who last encouraged you to stay on track as you pursue your dream?

6 thoughts on “Kat: Encouragement – Pass It On

  1. Those are great! I’m a writer who needs encouragement from the outside, and I’ve gotten a lot from the Ladies over the past two years. It’s helped keep me on track, and I’m very grateful.

    (-: I wish I were more self-driven. But, since I’m not, I’m happy that I found this group.

  2. The talks look great! It’s hard to know which one to watch first.

    Although I get discouraged and depressed sometimes about my writing, I don’t actually need outside encouragement to continue—unless you count the times I read a book that I think is subpar, and I think, “I can do better than that.” Mostly, even when I’m most unsure of my skills and the hope of a potential career in fiction, I just think, what else would I do? Watch more TV? Sometimes that’s a good option, but usually not for more than a few days. 🙂

    • Julie Burstein starts out slow and her talk is the longest at 17+ minutes, but I took away the most inspiration, writing-wise, from her stories.

      Too bad you can’t bottle your internal motivation that keeps you going, Kay. I’d definitely buy a gallon or four.

      • I’ll have some, too! I think every day should be a National Day of Encouragement. I’d keep going anyway, but it’s wonderful when somebody says or does something that gives me a boost. I can get a lot of positive energy from a few kind words, and a whole Energizer Bunny’s-worth from hanging out here 🙂

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