Michaeline: Stay-Con!

Stay at home and dig deeper into your writing with a weekend plan. (Willard Leroy Metcalf, via Wikimedia Commons)

Stay at home and dig deeper into your writing with a weekend plan. (Willard Leroy Metcalf, via Wikimedia Commons)

I’m so excited for my friends who are going to the Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio at the end of the month. It’s going to be a great time for them, and they are going to bring back great stories and cautions and advice to the blog!

As we all know, the RWA conference can be quite an investment – the plane tickets and the hotel and the conference itself. But even a small investment in yourself and your writing can yield big results, so I bring to you: the Stay-Con (from the comfort of your own home!).

First, block out a couple of days. Stock up on the fixin’s for fruity water and good vacation food (maybe arrange for something to be delivered).

Then decide where you want to focus your energies. Craft? Marketing? Researching agents and editors? Learning more about the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing? Or just concentrating on what your own goals are?

Look up a few websites that address your concerns and bookmark them (no fair indulging yet!). Arrange to have lunch with a friend who can give you advice about bookkeeping or organizing your workspace. Make a date to meet up with some local writing buddies for a write-in and general kvetch over dinner. And block out a couple of hours during your low-period to just have some fun – you could head out to the pool, or indulge in a nice nap.

Type up your schedule with hard edges (ie: specifically defined times) for the study bits. Change the sheets on the bed so it feels more like a hotel, and get the household chores out of the way. Arrange activities for the kids and pets, if you have any.

There’s a lot you can accomplish in 48 hours, even from your armchair. What would *your* dream session (either at a real convention or a DIY stay-con) be?

9 thoughts on “Michaeline: Stay-Con!

  1. I love the idea of the Stay-Con! I’m going to do one of those in six months, when my resolve after San Antonio starts to flag. I’ll schedule it for a weekend when my local chapter meets, so I can have the workshop aspect. I’ll set aside several hours a day to write. I’ll catch up (or discover) writing blogs. I’ll find a new cover artist. I’ll probably (sigh) have to pitch more agents and editors. But just the idea of spending two full days again working on being a novelist is giving me a little thrill.

  2. Does your Stay-Con schedule have openings for a brainstorming session? Would it be something you’d want/could do? Maybe you could Skype-in. I personally would love to have you present in some form during the afternoon brainstorming the 8L’s have planned in San Antonio.

    What do you think?

  3. Love this idea, Michaeline. I could schedule one every month or three months, using the RWA recording for the workshop element. I like Kat’s idea, too – it would be great if you could be part of our RWA brainstorming, and maybe we could join your Stay-Con for an hour via Campfire, or a write-in, or a wordcount challenge if the time difference trips us up?

  4. I keep fantasizing that your fairy godmother gives you a plane ticket to come to NYC next year. (If you had the ticket, we could make everything else happen.) Definitely join us for brainstorming!

  5. Oh! The Skype is an excellent idea! (Or Campfire.) I keep forgetting about, you know, technology!

    I have to confess, my Stay-Con is going to have to be in August because I’m going home for the first time in four years. I’ll be in New York State visiting my daughter’s stomping grounds at the end of July, so . . . let me look into internet availability at the hotels. The time zone thing won’t be such a problem, but we’ll be running around visiting colleges all day.

    Damn, that is such a good idea!! I wish I had a little more time — I don’t think I even have Skype on my computer (we always use LINE). Well, let’s see what I can do in the next two weeks . . . er, 12 days.

    (LOL, I would love my fairy godmother to prod my butt and make me produce a book that would cover the plane tickets and hotel to New York. I can cover the RWA fees if that’s the case (-:.)

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