Nancy: OOPS and Random Thoughts

I had a plan for this week’s blog post, I really did. I was going to write about sleep synthesis, about going to bed with a thought or problem in your head and letting your sleep brain help you solve it. And I was going to talk about using that for story issues. I still might write that post…next week. As for this week? Well, this week I had a bit of a brain melt and forgot.

I didn’t forget that I write my blog posts on Sunday to schedule for Monday. I forgot it was Sunday. Yes, despite wishing my husband Happy Father’s Day in the morning. Blame it on weeks of little sleep and work travel and a hundred other things, but there it is – I forgot the day of the week! Thank sleep synthesis for clearing my mind enough to remember, when I sat bolt upright in bed this morning and said, “Holy shit! I forgot to write my blog post!”

The feeling of that immediately took me back to my junior year in college when I slept through a final. An astrophysics final (don’t even ask). A final that was so important to my teetering grade, it would make my final class grade anything from a B to a D. Since I was taking it pass/fail, I didn’t have to have the B, but since I was an upper classman, I did have to have at least a C.

After several nights of little sleep, I pulled an all-nighter to prep for that last final of the semester. The final started at 9 AM. At 7 AM, I took a cold shower to startle myself into a more conscious state, got dressed and put my hair into a ponytail, and sat down on my bed to stuff my books and notebooks into my backpack. And woke up to see that it was 11:15, two hours and fifteen minutes into a three-hour exam. After a mad dash my body really couldn’t take, probably looking scary and pathetic as hell as I hovered in the exam room door, the professor kindly let me go to the department office and take the exam there, starting the three-hour clock from the time I arrived.

I relived that blinding realization followed by rush of panic followed by burst of adrenaline this morning. But since I don’t have enough time to do justice to the sleep synthesis blog, I thought I’d share one exciting (to me) readerly thing with you.

A year or more ago, I heard author Tom Perrotta discussing his book The Leftovers. In the story, millions of people have just disappeared, often right in front of other people’s eyes. In some cases, whole families are gone. In others, entire families are still intact. And then there are the tragic cases where only one family member is left behind to grieve and try to survive alone.

No one knows what happened – alien invasion? the rapture? – but those who are left behind, the leftovers, have to learn to cope with lives devastated by mass devastation. I loved the book (of course, YMMV), and now HBO is making it into a series! I have mixed feelings about it, because seeing a beloved book translated to large or small screen can ruin it for many people, and because I almost always think the book was better, but I am anxious to see what they do with it, and how they draw out and change the storylines if the series continues over the course of a few years.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Today’s topics were kind of a free-for-all, so tell us what’s on your mind. If you’re so inclined, share an embarrassing story from you own past about missing or forgetting something important. Or share something about a favorite book or writing project or creative project or whatever strikes your fancy!

3 thoughts on “Nancy: OOPS and Random Thoughts

  1. At least you’ve remembered! I’ve often used a bit of sleep synthesis when writing my blog posts. Sometimes I’ve woken up with crazy ideas that really worked, and sometimes I’ve woken up with crazy ideas that only worked in my head.

    I usually prefer books to movies/TV series, too, but I have seen a couple of movies that outdid the book. The one that springs to mind is Rising Sun, by Michael Crichton. I watched the movie, and it wasn’t really my cup of tea, and then I think I read the book — although it might have been vice versa. But anyway, after partaking of both, I really liked the racial element that the movie introduced by making one of the cops black — so many stories with racial elements are only two-sided. Us and them. It was so interesting to see the entanglements that came when it was white cop vs. black cop vs. bad Japanese businessmen. The complication added a lot to the story, I thought.

    BTW, I’m finally home from my Tokyo trip, and commenting again. (-: Didn’t leave the time zone, but I still feel curiously jet-lagged! Hope you had a happy Father’s Day!

    • We’re glad to have you back :-)! I hope we will get to hear about your trip. Maybe in an upcoming 8LW post?

      • (-: Maybe. It didn’t exactly go to plan — I didn’t follow that lovely plan that I blogged about earlier, and wound up wandering around a bit. Also, I met a lovely Swiss woman at breakfast, and wound up revisiting some spots, and skipping some that I thought I might want to see. Yoyogi Park was great, though, and I have a much better idea of it in my head.

        The Swiss woman had quite a story of midlife crisis, so that might be the seed of a future book, if I decide to go that way. (-: So, it was productive. Best thing is that my daughter is back on the same island now, and she’s got so many adventures to share! Haven’t turned on the TV except for the weather report in the last five days.

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