Nancy: NaNoWriMo Word War Challenge

As I’m sure you know by now, several of the 8LWs are participating in NaNoWriMo this year. What you might not know is that the NaNo crew has designated Saturday, November 9 as national write-in day, encouraging all participants to join a write-in party, either in person or online. The 8LWs in NaNo want to get in on the fun, so we’re issuing a word war challenge to all the other 8LWs and followers of the blog.

Writers of any stripe, NaNos and non-NaNos alike, we challenge you to a word war! Take an hour – any hour! – on November 9 to do nothing but write. Set a timer for one hour, then write fast. Write furiously. Write like you want to get more words on the page than anyone else on the blog! When the timer beeps at the one-hour mark, check your word count. We whole-heartedly encourage you to keep writing after you jot down your awesome hour’s word total, but make sure you keep track of that number. On Sunday, I’ll be back here on the blog to post the word counts that each of the 8LWs accomplished during our respective hour-long word challenges, and we’ll be looking for your word counts in the comments.

So, in the trash-talking tradition of the NaNoWriMo threads, I’m issuing this official challenge. Do you feel writerly, punk? Well, do ya?

8 thoughts on “Nancy: NaNoWriMo Word War Challenge

  1. We shall open the laptops, we shall pick up the fountain pens, we shall dangle the pencils, we shall smoosh out words with a broken crayon if we have to, but today we shall write!

    (I’ve got 995 words in about an hour. But, I think I’ll try again later. (-: Best out of three is OK, right? I need to get at least 2000 words ahead . . . Mama wants a Thanksgiving Dinner!)

  2. Fun challenge. I logged 1,293 words in a hour and a few extra minutes (had to finish a scene!). I’ll definitely use this strategy again.

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